48 Sweet Carrot On the Side

This comforting sweet carrot is a great addition to a roast dinner.

Few weeks ago I had friends over for dinner. I made some meat, roasted veg and sweet carrot as a side dish. Apparently, my carrot was quite good since I had been asked to post a recipe for it here. So here it goes, especially for my Lithuanian friends!

Sweet Carrot on the Side

500g carrots
50g butter
1tbsp flour

1. Peel the carrots. Grate them coarsely.
2. Melt the butter in a medium saucepan. Once melted, throw the grated carrots in and add a bit of salt, pepper and about 1 tbsp sugar. Cook until carrot softens but be careful not to overcook it.
3. If you see that your carrot is too ‘dry’ (not enough liquid in the saucepan), add a bit more butter and some water.
4. Mix the flour with cold water in a mug or small bowl, trying to get rid of all the lumps.
5. Try the carrot, if you decide it’s soft enough, pour the flour and water mixture into the saucepan with carrot. I always pour it over small sieve to avoid any lumps in my carrot (in case the flour hasn’t been mixed with water properly).
6. Let it simmer for a little bit, stirring constantly. Try and season to your taste. I always add a little bit more sugar (1 tsp), pepper (big pinch) and salt (tiny pinch, I don’t want to kill the natural sweetness of the carrots).



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