why i (almost) like bees.

Few photos of beehives in Poland and Paris. Bees are cool!

taking photos of bees was never something I thought I’d be up for. I was around 7 or 8, me and my friend were standing in the forest, talking about whatever, when suddenly
I had no idea what we were saying due to the fact I was experiencing the unbearable pain of being stung all over. now, of course, these weren’t bees – this was a wasps nest we’d accidentally trampled upon – but when you’re that age, after such an event, anything black, yellow and buzzing is enough to remind you of that last wasp still pumping away into my wrist after 5 minutes of me running.

needless to say, it took me quite a while to not act like a princess whenever a wasp or bee was around, but as with most things, you change as you get older. don’t get me wrong,
I wouldn’t be up for beekeeping or removing a wasps’ nest from the attic – and I don’t think that will ever change.

I guess what made me more tolerant of bees lately was the purchase of an actual camera. we were at my girlfriend’s grandparents’ farm and I had a chance to see beehives up close and at my own will. I thought it would be a good way to test out the camera (and see how close I could bring myself to get!).

at the very least, I should always remember that bees aren’t trying to hurt you, especially as it could kill them if they are honeybees, and they make honey, which I love!

but wasps, they can keep their distance for now.

enjoy the photos,


Beehives in Barczków, Poland


Busy bees making honey


Honey on tap in a market, Paris


Bees stealing back some honey


Beehives in Luxembourg Park, Paris


As close as I could bring myself!

unnamed (1)

Bumblebee pollinating in the forest, near Zielona, Poland

  1. I see more wasps than bees in the city. I love comb honey.


  2. I count natural honey among my kitchen staples. 🐝


  3. Great shots! Thanks for sharing them.


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