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111 Broccoli and green pea soup with choux pastry croutons and a few words about nutrition.

Don't forget to eat your veg when the summer is long over. Super healthy broccoli and green pea soup is your answer for a chilly autumn day.

104 Savoury madeleines with black pepper, sage and parmesan

My first ever take on savoury baking. Turns out, madeleines taste great with sage, parmesan and black pepper.

102 Moroccan style roast chicken with couscous

A recipe for a Moroccan-style chicken and a few words on authenticity. Why does it matter?

94 Potato fritters with vegetable sauce (Placki ziemniaczane z sosem warzywnym)

Once tried, forever loved. Polish potato friters a.k.a. placki ziemniaczane now on the blog. A must try!

84 Summer vegetable ragout (Leczo)

Lecsó is a Hungarian thick vegetarian ragout (or stew), traditionally made with onions, red and green peppers, tomatoes and sweet paprika powder. Served hot and spicy, usually with bread. Although, Polish variation of the dish, which probably came to Poland from Hungary, is slightly different. Polish version of a Hungarian specialty is much milder and ...

47 Chicken&Tomato Pasta

My sister asked me to post a recipe for something easy and quick to make. There you go, Sis. It took me less than 30minutes to make that pasta. I hope you will try to recreate it at home for the girls ^^ INGREDIENTS 500g chicken breast 2 tins plum tomatoes fresh thyme rosemary olive ...

41 Auntie’s Best Pickled Pepper

My auntie is a real master in pickle-making. Interesting recipes and flavours, taste so nice in the winter when seasonal vegetables are not available. Eaten as a side dish for dinner, used in salads or as an extra in sandwiches. Yum! First recipe of the series: Auntie's Best. INGREDIENTS for three small jars 900g red ...

22 Hungarian goulash soup

We've visited Budapest recently and came across that amazing, filling and absolutely delicious soup. We had it twice during one day, in two different restaurants and the taste varied a lot. Apparently, goulash, being one of the most famous and popular Hungarian dishes is difficult to classify, sometimes it's a stew, sometimes a soup. And ...

11 Korean kimchi soup (김치찌개)

it's been a while since we posted a recipe for Korean food. well, tensai is in Korea now, so I only have pictures of food we have made together in Japan. it's not much left. hope that tensai will cook something in Korea for us, he promised! ^^ so this time: my absolute favourite, kimchi ...