9 Polish potato&curd cheese dumplings (pierogi ruskie)


so, it’s time for Polish cuisine. i wanted to cook it when i was still in japan but i’ve decided it’s better to wait for my Babcia to make it. she makes the best pierogi ever (sorry, mum) ^^
it’s also for you, tensai. hope it will be easier for you to make them now 😉

the version we made is called ‘Russian pierogi’ (pierogi ruskie) but it has nothing to do with Russia. The most popular version of pierogi, i think.


for filling


boiled and mashed (you can make them the day before) potatoes
cottage (farmer’s) cheese
salt, pepper
oil to fry


1. Cut the onion and sausage. Fry it in oil.


2. Prepare a meat grinder. We need to grind all ingredients for filling. Starting with cottage cheese, fried onion&sausage and, finally, potatoes. Add salt and pepper.


3. Now, mix it all together. Best way? with your hand ^^


4. Now, it’s time to make the dough. It seems hard, i know. But the truth is it’s the easiest thing in the world!


for the dough
1 egg
little bit salt
hot water
about 100ml milk

Prepare a pastry board (or other flat surface). What do we need? First, flour and an egg.


5. Make a well in the centre of your flour and add the egg with a little bit of salt. Then, add milk.


6. When it’s done, pour some hot (!) water on it and mix small parts at a time into the flour mixture. Mixing should be done by hands.


7. Knead the dough until it’s firm and soft.


8. Divide the dough into 3 pieces and roll it using a large amount of flour. Roll to a thickness of approximately 2mm.


9. When it’s already rolled, cut out circle pieces using a glass, for example.


10. The circles don’t have to be extra perfect ^^ Remember to use flour, otherwise the circles will stick to the pastry board.


11. And now, the hardest part: adding the filling. Place the filling (about one teaspoon) in the center of the circle, don’t try to overfill!


12. Remember to stick it tightly, otherwise they will open up while boiling.


13. Place the filled pierogi on a flat surface, sprinkled with flour.


14. Heat some water in a pot. When water is boiling, drop some pierogi into it. Keep stirring them (softly so you don’t open them up)! When they float to the surface, let them boil for 2 more minutes. Usually they are ready when you see foam on the surface.


15. Fish them out with a strainer and place them in a bowl filled with cold water. After few minutes, move them to the strainer. If you place them in cold water first, they won’t stick together (my Babcia’s advice) ^^

16. Prepare the topping. Easy: cut sausage and onion and fry the using margarine. Serve pierogi with the topping. Done!


Enjoy! Smacznego! ^^




  1. You need to try pierogi fried after they’ve been boiled or steam them like Chinese dumplings so you get a crispy section of dough! I perform this sacrilidge every Christmas when my gran makes pierogi 🙂

  2. Every time I look on your blog I get so hungry 😛 It all looks so delicious! By the way how many languages can you speak? I’ve been reading your blog and you speak quite a few! Great job! Another thing… what country are you in now?

    1. i don’t know if i should be happy about making you hungry every time you read my blog ;p anyway, thx for reading ;p
      I can speak Polish (native), English, Japanese, and i can read&write Russian and Korean, not really speak ;p
      and im in poland now, not for long www

      1. Hahahh it is a good thing you can make me hungry through your post! It means you’re very good 😛

        Wow you’re really talented! Did you grow up in Poland? What are you doing there?

        Your friend,

    1. no, no. you place them in water only for 20 seconds or so, thanks to that they won’t stick together when you place them in the bowl later 😉 they should be served warm, definitely! ^^

  3. yes I had pierogi for the first time at Christmas, a Polish friend made some and they blew me away. Absolutely delicious. But is it possible to make them without the meat grinder, as I am lacking that piece of kit at the moment? Can I just chop über finely?

    1. you can chop the ingredients, of course. the filling won’t be perfectly smooth but you can do it 😉 that’s how i was doing it in Japan.

  4. Dear Lucas, yes I was born in Poland. I’ve been living here ever since ^^ I went to Japan for one year, now I’m planning to go to Korea. It’s already decided, actually. I just have to graduate from my university first. ^^

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