16 Sweet apple&cinnamon dumplings (pierogi z jabłkiem)


taste of my childhood: sweet dumplings with various fillings; fruits, sweet cottage cheese, oh my God, every single kid in Poland loves them! ^^
the thing is that you can make many kinds of fillings and use just one dough, cause the dough for all the pierogi is the same! so if you have kids and they don’t like dumplings with meat/cabbage/Russian (with potatoes), you can prepare two fillings and make two different dinners at once!
and everyone will be happy: kids will have their sweet pierogi, and you will have pierogi with meat. how smart is that? ^^


for the filling
apples, cut in pieces

for the dough
1 egg
little bit of salt
hot water
about 100ml milk


1. Start with the dough: make the dough using the recipe I posted before (recipe for Polish dumplings, you can find it here).


2. Start making the pierogi. The method is exactly the same as with the ‘Russian pierogi’. But here you use fruits instead of the filling.


3. Be careful cause apples are hard so they can make holes in the dough, and it’s not good. The dumplings won’t be as pretty as Russian ones, but it’s all about the taste, right? ^^


4. Now, cooking the dumplings. Exactly the same method as with the Russian ones.


5. What is different this time? The way of serving. We don’t serve them with onion and sausage (obviously!) but with melted butter, sugar and cinnamon (optional). So, melt the butter in the small frying pan or pot.


6. Pour the butter over the dumplings and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Done!






  1. how do you make your dough? with a mixer or by hand?
    the pierogis look delicious, and its interesting how you use a chunk of apple, as compared to smaller, diced pieces tossed in spices. very cool!

  2. Sweet dumplings! I’ve had baked versions before but never the boiled. The texture would be really different won’t it?

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