Tag: cinnamon

114 Pear and Cinnamon Frangipane Tart

A recipe for a homely Pear and Cinnamon Frangipane Tart and a few words about cinnamon. Who else has a weakness for this spice?

113 Super-warming Pumpkin, Courgette and Red Lentil Curry (Vegan)

Survive the chilly November evenings with this super-warming pumpkin, courgette and red lentil curry.

107 When Carrot Cake reaches perfection

Nothing better on a cold, rainy day than a piece of carrot cake. Beautifully indulgent and fairly easy to make. Dare to try?

97 Swedish cinnamon pastry

Recipe for the Swedish Cinnamon Pastry, plus a few words of my favourite childhood novel 'The Sic Bullerby Children'. Enjoy the read!

95 Tarte aux pommes, beautifully French almond and apple tart

This apple and almond tart happens to be highly addictive. So delicious, you'd want to eat it all in one sitting.

93 Plum and coconut cake

A recipe for the plum and coconut cake, plus some photographs of Japan in its one of the most beautiful seasons: blossoming cherry trees.

92 Polish mini-doughnuts with cheese (Pączki z serem)

Babcia's recipe for the mini-doughnuts. Polish grandmas sure know what's best!

78 Peach&Apple Crumble

I love crumble! Funny, before coming to England I didn't know about crumble's existence. Plus, I didn't know it can be eaten with warm custard, what makes the pie even more heavenly. In Poland we eat custard on its own, maybe with a drop of a raspberry syrup. When I first discovered fruit crumble and ...

60 Comforting Cinnamon Swirls

England has greeted us with (surprisingly) sunny weather. but even though it was sunny, it was still chilly. forget tropical sun, time to get used to winter again. the weather instantly put me in the mood for cinnamon. nothing better on a chilly or rainy day than the smell of freshly baked cinnamon swirls. wish i ...