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88 Homemade fudge (krówki)

Have you ever tried making fudge at home? Try this super-easy Polish recipe for crumbly and delicious fudge!

68 Mazurek Wielkanocny (Polish Easter Cake)

Happy Easter everyone! Wesołego Alleluja! With Easter just around the corner, it surely is a high time for holiday baking. Having to work on Easter Sunday, nothing better to put myself in a holiday sprit than baking. Mazurek is a Polish traditional Easter cake, very sweet and with lots of delicacies: raisins, almonds, walnuts, dried ...

40 Banoffee Pie

I have always thought it'll be very difficult to make this pie cos it looks so pretty. Nothing more wrong! It's not only easy, but also quick to make. Perfect idea when you have friends or family coming round and you're not prepared for a visit ^^ INGREDIENTS for the base 100g melted butter 250g ...