The adventures with Thai food 

Some of the most popular Thai dishes explained. Enjoy the journey!

We’ve decided to leave our lovely and cozy flat and venture into the wild. Since there is no way for me to cook when I’m away, I’ve decided to share what I am lucky to try here.

Thailand, land of amazingly delicious food. Made with the ingredients fresher than you could possibly imagine, presented so nicely that you’d think twice before digging in, not wanting to ruin the art piece on your plate. Everyone will find something for themselves among rich variety of Thai dishes: vegetarians, seafood lovers, meat eaters, spicy food enthusiasts… The list goes on.

There is a reason Thai cuisine has become one of the most famous cuisines in the world. Let me guide you through the dishes we’ve tried and loved or didn’t like at all.

1. Thai Green Curry

My absolute favourite! Probably the most popular Thai dish worldwide. Made with coconut milk, green curry paste, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce. The vegetables in the curry varies from a restaurant to a restaurant, usually it’s served with green peas, cauliflower, carrots and Thai aubergine. Most of the places offer chicken or beef as an addition to the curry. The spiciness of the dish can also vary a lot. Sometimes can be very spicy, almost burning your throat or fairly mild. Should be eaten with rice, not as a soup.

2. Green curry fried rice

The one I’ve tried was super spicy. Everyone who likes green curry will like that dish as well. Made in a very similar way to a green curry with a small difference – the rice soaks in all the curry sauce so the dish is rather dry, with every grain of rice tasting of green curry. Heaven!

3. Tom Yum Soup 

Thai soup, usually served with shrimps or other seafood. Made with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice and chilli peppers. Not very spicy, rather sweet and sour, zingy I would even dare to say. Worth a try since it’s one of the most popular dishes throughout Southeast Asia. Not my personal favourite though.

4. Fried Thai Noodles (Rad Nah)

Thai stir-fry with flat rice noodles, baby corn, garlic, Chinese broccoli, carrot and meat (pork, beef or chicken). Available in almost every restaurant in Thailand. Not spicy, very likeable Thai dish. Also called Thai noodles with gravy.

5. Fried rice with crab meat

Stunning dish! So simple and so delicious. Nothing more than an egg fried rice with an addition of crab meat. You can find many varieties of this dish, with prawns or seafood instead of crab. We loved it for breakfast because it’s very light.

6. Vegetable spring rolls 

One of my favourite appetisers. Deep fried spring rolls, stuffed with vegetables (carrot, cabbage, bean sprouts) and sometimes with thin rice noodles, as well. Served with sweet chilli sauce. Yum!

7. Satay

Originated in Indonesia but very popular throughout Thailand. A dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat served with (usually) peanut sauce.  Turmeric, used for seasoning the meat, gives it characteristic yellow colour. The most popular meat would probably be chicken but other kinds of meat are also available (pork, beef, fish). Very tasty!

Pork satay

  Snapper fish satay

Chicken satay

8. Panang curry

Milder than other Thai curries. Made with dried chilli peppers, galangal, lemongrass, coriander, cumin and shrimp paste. Not as liquid as other curries since the only liquid added to the dish is thick coconut milk. Usually with meat (beef or chicken), should be eaten with rice.

9. BBQ

Very characteristic for Thailand, almost every restaurant (not only by the seaside but in Bangkok as well) has its own grill and starts BBQ in the evening, usually after 6 o’clock. You walk over, pick the meat you want them to grill for you and wait for it to be served, sizzling hot and amazingly fresh. The selection varies depends on the restaurant, usually it’s a wide range of seafood and fish, but meat (like chicken skewers) is also available. The chef seasons the meat you chose. The flavour? Unmissable!

Grilled snapper fish

10. Pad Thai 
Rice noodles stir fried with eggs, tamarind pulp, chopped firm tofu, fish sauce, dried shrimps and shallots. Usually served with other vegetables (like bean sprouts). Typical Thai street food, served everywhere in Thailand from street food stalls or in the restaurants.

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