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111 Broccoli and green pea soup with choux pastry croutons and a few words about nutrition.

Don't forget to eat your veg when the summer is long over. Super healthy broccoli and green pea soup is your answer for a chilly autumn day.

110 Krupnik, autumn vegetable and barley soup

Not a big fan of groats? This beautiful Polish soup will change it! Krupnik is your answer for autumn lunch.

Zielona, the place I call home.

Rather nostalgic return to the place of origin. Zielona in photography.

99 Babcia’s Pepper Soup

This soup, made with fresh and pickled peppers, is a true flavour explosion. Babcia knows what's good!

89 Sweet potato and coconut soup

Pretty-looking food doesn't have to be overly sophisticated. This sweet potato and coconut soup is the proof that to awe your guests, you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen.

70 Żurek Wielkanocny (Polish sour rye soup)

There is no Easter in Poland without żurek. It might not be the most sophisticated soup but if the flavours are balanced nicely, it does taste amazing. There are many varieties of żurek, depending on the region of Poland or even on the family. Can be served with mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes or with ...

56 Tom Yum Goong (Hot and Sour Thai soup with prawns) 

Probably the most famous of all Thai dishes and definitely most popular and widely loved in Thailand. Sour flavour (thanks to galangal, lemongrass and lime juice) delicately sweetened by a coconut milk. I haven't found a flavour like this in any of the Western dishes. Surprisingly zingy, but how satisfying! Authentic Thai recipe, tried in ...

The adventures with Thai food 

We've decided to leave our lovely and cozy flat and venture into the wild. Since there is no way for me to cook when I'm away, I've decided to share what I am lucky to try here. Thailand, land of amazingly delicious food. Made with the ingredients fresher than you could possibly imagine, presented so ...

29 Polish chicken soup (Rosół)

Some may say that it's nothing special. easy to make. not really sophisticated. nothing more wrong! to make a proper rosol you need experience and/or skill. Traditionally, rosol is eaten in Poland on a Sunday, we serve it as a plain chicken stock with some egg noodles (makaron). if there is any dish I could ...