sushi train: the adventures of くら寿司


since the exams and writing end-of-the-semester reports took up all my free time, I had no other choice than introduce some Japanese food which is not made by me.
Kura Sushi is a chain sushi restaurant, train-sushi, actually. One of the most popular in Japan. For ¥100 you can have two pieces of sushi. Maybe it’s not the best in the world, and definitely not high quality sushi, but when you come from a foreign country in which sushi is not exactly popular – you will be amazed! Especially when you go there for the first time.

Cheap, tasty, fun – the adventures of Kura Sushi! ^^


Since it’s sushi train (kaiten zushi), which means that sushi goes around on the conveyor belt, you can just take a plate of sushi when you see something interesting.

But also, if you’re not satisfied with the sushi passing by your table, you can order using a screen.



After you order (by touching the pictures of sushi you want to order), sushi arrives to your table, usually after few minutes.




So, what’s in the menu?
The most popular sushi in Japan, Japanese people’s favourite – tuna (maguro, まぐろ)






The collection of fish is impressing. I had no idea that half of them exist! You know, Poland is not really fish-friendly country (I mean we eat more meat that fish, so our knowledge about fish is not really worth mentioning).

Other fish sushi:

image_6 image_13 DSCF3224

First picture: salmon (サーモン)Tastes great with wasabi ^^
Second picture: hamachi (はまち), in English – yellowtail. But it’s better to know the Japanese name, cause I’ve never seen the name yellowtail. Anywhere.
Third picture: onion salmon (オニオンサーモン), for those who like onion and mayonnaise, there is a lot of mayo on that sushi


Another big chapter in the sushi-story: seafood. That was my real culture shock. How can people eat all that stuff? – I thought. Now, I am able to eat almost (still – almost) all of it.

First: shrimp (えび)In this case ebi tempura (えび天). That means shrimp in a special batter, deep fried. Awesome! I love it ^^





Now something really exotic: tako (たこ)octopus! I was shocked that the Japanese people eat that but now… I also like it.




Looks interesting, right? First time is hard. It’s not really about the smell or taste, just when you see it you don’t feel like eating anymore. But I think it’s worth trying ;)


And, sushi which made me cry: natto (納豆)I knew what it is when I was forced to try it but the smell and taste were way more hardcore than I expected. What is that mysterious natto? Nothing more but fermented soybeans. It’s traditional Japanese food so why not try, I thought. i did. and i will never do it again. But you should try, too!




After the natto adventure, let’s try something less exotic, like for example tamago yaki (たまご焼き), Japanese omelette (literally fried/grilled egg). Tastes a little bit sweet.




So, you’re done eating, you’re full and satisfied.




Time to go home? Nothing more wrong! That’s when the real adventure starts!
Kura Sushi has a kind of lottery, every 5 plates you eat gives you a chance to win a small toy: sushi-car, sushi keychain, etc. What you have to do is put 5 plates in the special ‘tunnel’ and wait for the result.





The exciting moment of waiting after putting your plates in…..and……


image copy 2



….. we lost! Three times in a row. Well, not every day is a lucky day, right? ;)


That is the end of the sushi adventure.

And even if Kura Sushi is not the best sushi in the world it’s definitely worth going there. The atmosphere of the restaurant, ordering system and lottery – that make you want to go back there ;)
Let me know if you tried it!








  1. Japonia od kuchni- świetny pomysł.


    1. a moze by tak sprobowac napisac komentarz po angielsku? ;p


  2. Looks like a fun ride even if not the best sushi!


    1. hihihi but i have to leave it in two days. going back to poland lol


  3. Sushi is not popular in Poland? Oh no, I cannot agree in 100%
    Maybe in small cities not but in big ones – Wroclaw or Warsaw especially (you can order it by phone like pizza). And you can find really good sushi (OK not really cheap). Of course not such a huge choice of different fish like in Japan, and with a bit of European twist – people’s choice goes in ‘maki’ direction not simple ‘nigiri’ or sashimi but in Sao Paulo is the same or even more extreme although there is the biggest Japanese population outside Japan living here.
    Unfortunately, fish in Poland has been forgotten for a while by majority but actually because of many fastens Polish kept mainly to the fish dishes originally. Eating meat in excess was a response to the long fastens. Nowadays, I have an impression that fish and local ingredients are coming back to the kitchen.
    Sushi and fish lover :)


    1. I’m not saying sushi is not popular but we don’t have kaiten sushi restaurants. at least in krakow, don’t know about warsow ;)
      fresh fish in poland? extremely expensive and usually not so fresh. but you’re right that recenly, slow food, traditional recipes are coming back. i’m really happy about that! Polish cuicine is quite sophisticated i think ;)


  4. I need it.. :'(


    1. don’t cry, babe. but i know exactly how you feel www


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