Japanese birthday cake ^^

Japanese birthday cake ^^

it’s my birthday today!

wasn’t expecting anything until tomorrow morning at least – i started my usual workout with olivia (hardcore cardio+boxing+belly blitz).
5mins after we finished someone suddenly started knocking on my door. like aggressively knocking.
– wait! wait! – I said cause I was all sweaty, imagine how sweaty i was after that training.
knocking knocking knocking

when i finally opened the door i saw tensai and two of my friends chakki and wally.

and they had a cake!
cake with 24 candles, from my favourite patisserie, my favourite flavor.
and presents! ^^

i was sooooo surprised and happy that i almost started crying because of all that emotions.
it’s nice to have a birthday.
especially if you have people who come to your house at midnight with cake, candles, presents – just because they are your awesome friends.

thank you, guys.
thank you, tensai!


  1. That cake is beautiful! Happy birthday!


    1. beautiful and delicious! thank you ;)


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