Tag: pastry

104 Savoury madeleines with black pepper, sage and parmesan

My first ever take on savoury baking. Turns out, madeleines taste great with sage, parmesan and black pepper.

97 Swedish cinnamon pastry

Recipe for the Swedish Cinnamon Pastry, plus a few words of my favourite childhood novel 'The Sic Bullerby Children'. Enjoy the read!

95 Tarte aux pommes, beautifully French almond and apple tart

This apple and almond tart happens to be highly addictive. So delicious, you'd want to eat it all in one sitting.

92 Polish mini-doughnuts with cheese (Pączki z serem)

Babcia's recipe for the mini-doughnuts. Polish grandmas sure know what's best!

91 Vanilla and lime cupcakes

Vanilla and lime cupcakes for a children birthday party. Or a DIY gift idea? Make your baking pretty!

73 Pandan Coconut Cake

It's been ages since I've been here. My laptop had been broken and it was impossible for me to write from my phone. I've missed it! The good news is I have quite a few recipes awaiting to be introduced to a wider spectrum than just my partner and his work colleagues (who now are ...

60 Comforting Cinnamon Swirls

England has greeted us with (surprisingly) sunny weather. but even though it was sunny, it was still chilly. forget tropical sun, time to get used to winter again. the weather instantly put me in the mood for cinnamon. nothing better on a chilly or rainy day than the smell of freshly baked cinnamon swirls. wish i ...

52 Kapuśniaczki (Polish cabbage pastry)

One of my favourite savoury pastries, traditionally prepared for Christmas Eve. There are as many recipes as households. My Mum's are very delicate in flavour, not too salty. They taste of Christmas 😉 INGREDIENTS for the dough (makes about 50 rolls) 50g fresh yeast 200ml sour cream 1/2 tsp sugar 1kg flour 200g margarine 2 ...

51 Festive Jammie Dodgers

Do you like shortbread? Sure you do, who doesn't? ^^ Introducing Jammie Dodgers, famous British biscuits. That's what I'd call a perfection: two pieces of soft and buttery shortbread joined together with (seedless) raspberry jam. Yum! And it's so much fun to make them as well! ^^ INGREDIENTS 250g butter, room temperature 130g icing sugar ...