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109 No-waste Polish Chocolate Truffles

Say no to food waste with these delicious chocolate truffles. Plus a short read about Polish weddings!

85 Sunny Mango Cheesecake

Nothing more summer-like than a ripe, sweet mango. You too, get your portion of sunshine!

62 Amaretto Cheesecake (Sernik z amaretto)

Have you ever struggled with choosing a perfect dessert when making dinner for your friends? That'd be me yesterday. I've created a nice combination of a starter and a main and couldn't think of a dessert which would complete my dinner. I knew my boyfriend loves cheesecake but I thought it too simple to act ...

24 Polish chocolate cheesecake ‘Izaura’

Izaura is the cake my Mum used to make the most often, I think. I have always thought it was super easy to make until I tried doing it myself. I was surprised that it requires quite a bit of work. but it's totally worth it though. My Mum's chocolate cheesecake, try it yourself 😉 ...