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110 Krupnik, autumn vegetable and barley soup

Not a big fan of groats? This beautiful Polish soup will change it! Krupnik is your answer for autumn lunch.

100 Beautiful pot roast with root vegetables and few words about November

This pot roast is the definition of autumn. Hearty, comforting and full of root vegetables. Plus a few words about All Saints Day in Poland.

99 Babcia’s Pepper Soup

This soup, made with fresh and pickled peppers, is a true flavour explosion. Babcia knows what's good!

53 Vegetable and pork stew with tagliatelle

I visited Poland for Christmas. I thought my Mum cannot surprise me with her cooking (it's always excellent) but she managed to leave me stunned. She made this  pork stew with homemade tagliatelle, trust me, after two fully loaded plates, I was full but still craving it. Amazing, delicate flavour combined with slow cooked meat and ...

50 Polish Beetroot Soup (Barszcz)

One of my favourite Polish soups, especially that exact version. My Nan is a barszcz master, no one can make it tastier than she does. I did try, following my Grandma's recipe carefully. To be honest, it was quite similar to my Nan's barszcz but not exactly the same. What did I miss? What is ...

29 Polish chicken soup (Rosół)

Some may say that it's nothing special. easy to make. not really sophisticated. nothing more wrong! to make a proper rosol you need experience and/or skill. Traditionally, rosol is eaten in Poland on a Sunday, we serve it as a plain chicken stock with some egg noodles (makaron). if there is any dish I could ...