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98 Pauline’s Bread Pudding

Say no to food waste with Pauline's recipe for this spiced bread pudding. Your family will love it!

90 Tomato&Basil Bruschetta

Simple, fresh and delicious. How could we possibly want more?

43 Homemade bread with kefir

You would think that making bread at home requires special equipment (like special bread oven) or incredible skills or amazing amount of effort. Nothing more wrong. My own Nan proved me that making bread can be quite easy. And how delicious the bread she made was! A bit sour, not too dry, firm, heaven for ...

38 Loaded banana loaf

I don't know about you but I always end up buying too many bananas. You know that bananas are only good when fresh, not soft and spotty like a leopard. When it first happened I though: I don't want to waste them so I came up with a plan of making a banana loaf with ...

22 Hungarian goulash soup

We've visited Budapest recently and came across that amazing, filling and absolutely delicious soup. We had it twice during one day, in two different restaurants and the taste varied a lot. Apparently, goulash, being one of the most famous and popular Hungarian dishes is difficult to classify, sometimes it's a stew, sometimes a soup. And ...