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100 Beautiful pot roast with root vegetables and few words about November

This pot roast is the definition of autumn. Hearty, comforting and full of root vegetables. Plus a few words about All Saints Day in Poland.

75 Japanese gyōza (餃子)

It will take you all day to make this tiny dumplings, I'm not gonna lie. But are they worth the effort!

53 Vegetable and pork stew with tagliatelle

One of my mum's greatest inventions. The ultimate winter stew!

10 Miso soup with pork: 豚汁 (tonjiru)

another dish from the 'cooking with Keiko-san' collection. and it's not the last one yet! ^^ Olivia, I know you've been waiting for that for ages, ごめんね so, especially for you: recipe for tonjiru you love so much! INGREDIENTS:  10 cm daikon (white radish) small piece of ginger 2 spring onions 1 carrot 200g pork ...

1½ yaki udon (midnight snack)

If you're a student and have no money. And, in addition, you're so hungover that you're not able to leave your bed for a whole day - we have a solution! Tensai came back from work around midnight and found me still in bed, dying of hunger. But since he brought chuhai and vodka (and ...

1 Korean dumplings: kimchi mandoo

We would like to introduce the first dish: Korean dumplings, kimchi mandoo My boyfriend's family makes them every year on New Year's Day. It takes time to make it but I can assure you - it's totally worth it! How to make kimchi mandoo: STEP BY STEP  INGREDIENTS FILLING: 300g kimchi 2 packages of firm ...