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104 Savoury madeleines with black pepper, sage and parmesan

My first ever take on savoury baking. Turns out, madeleines taste great with sage, parmesan and black pepper.

103 a few stories about Palm Sunday, memory and nostalgia

A story on how palms for Palm Sunday are traditionally made in Poland. Enjoy the colours!

71 Horseradish Sauce with egg (Domowy Chrzan z jajkiem)

Another Easter recipe, last one this year. Horseradish is, next to żurek, a staple Easter food in Poland. We do eat both during the year, for various occasions or for no occasion, but there is no Easter without horseradish and żurek. Most of the Polish families nowadays buy a prepared horseradish in a shop and add things ...

70 Żurek Wielkanocny (Polish sour rye soup)

There is no Easter in Poland without żurek. It might not be the most sophisticated soup but if the flavours are balanced nicely, it does taste amazing. There are many varieties of żurek, depending on the region of Poland or even on the family. Can be served with mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes or with ...

68 Mazurek Wielkanocny (Polish Easter Cake)

Happy Easter everyone! Wesołego Alleluja! With Easter just around the corner, it surely is a high time for holiday baking. Having to work on Easter Sunday, nothing better to put myself in a holiday sprit than baking. Mazurek is a Polish traditional Easter cake, very sweet and with lots of delicacies: raisins, almonds, walnuts, dried ...

12½ Polish Easter eggs (pisanki)

Have you ever tried natural dye for your Easter eggs? Try this Polish method, to give your eggs a deep maroon hue.

12 Polish Easter cake (babka)

Happy Easter, everyone! ^^ it's the first time I'm posting a recipe for a cake. I'm kinda nervous ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Babka is the traditional Polish cake for Easter. This one is my sister's special recipe! It's perfect for people who don't like very sweet cakes. It's simple and tasty. And also, very easy to make ^^ ...