78 Peach and Apple Crumble

A twist on this English classic. Apple and peach are the perfect summer combination!

I love crumble! Funny, before coming to England I didn’t know about crumble’s existence. Plus, I didn’t know it can be eaten with warm custard, what makes the pie even more heavenly. In Poland we eat custard on its own, maybe with a drop of a raspberry syrup. When I first discovered fruit crumble and warm custard combo, it has quickly become my favourite dessert. Especially in the winter, nothing more warming and comforting than warm apple pie with warm custard.
Since it’s almost summer (or should I rather say, supposed to be, because the weather outside indicates approaching November, rather than June), I wanted to add something summery to the apple crumble. Peach sounded like a good idea and, I must admit, it did turn out quite nice. Pinch of cinnamon makes the pie beautifully comforting, don’t know about you, but I do need some comfort on rainy or gloomy days of English summer.



for the base
225g good quality wheat flour
75g icing sugar
16g vanilla sugar
1/2tsp baking powder
150g cold butter
2 egg yolks

for the filling
3 tart apples
2 peaches
1tbsp sugar
1tsp cinnamon
freshly squeezed lemon juice (optional)

for the crumble
75g flour
75g icing sugar
90g melted butter

1. On the pastry board, mix the flour with icing sugar and baking powder. Add cold butter and chop it with a knife, together with flour, sugar and baking powder. Add egg yolks and quickly knead the dough. Wrap into cling film and put in the fridge for about an hour.
2. After that time, roll out the dough and place it in the pie dish, covering the bottom and sides of the dish with rolled out dough. Pierce the bottom of the pie with a fork.
3. To keep the bottom of the pie flat while baking, we need to press it with baking beans or just any beans if you don’t have professional ones (like I didn’t). To do so, cover the bottom of your pie with baking parchment and add the beans. Bake for about 12-15 minutes in 180 degrees.

4. To prepare the filling, peel the fruit and cut it into cubes. Cook the fruit with sugar over a medium heat in a small saucepan, for about 5 minutes. Taste the filling, if you think it’s too sweet add some lemon juice. Add cinnamon. Don’t overcook the filling, rather than mashed apples, we still want to have something to bite into.
5. When the filling is chilled, spread it on previously baked pie crust (which also shouldn’t be warm anymore).
6. Time to prepare the crumble. Melt the butter. Add the flour and icing sugar to the pastry board. Start pouring slightly chilled melted butter over the dry mixture, pouring with one hand and mixing about with another hand. Sprinkle the pie with the crumble and bake for another 30-40 minutes in 180 degrees.
7. Serve on its own or with warm vanilla custard. Enjoy!



  1. I always love a good apple crumble, niicee!


  2. Now we need the custard recipe!


  3. Thank you for liking my Braised Eggplant and Minced Pork recipe! I’m encouraged! Please continue to follow me at http://www.gingerandcilantro.com for more great recipes. I have moved sites.


  4. Thanks for looking at my pages and likes, appreciated. This all looks very nice, I’ll check out the various pages, great crumble too and some great pictures.


  5. Such a beautiful pie!! I’ve never had peaches and apples together– sounds scrumptious! Love all your step by step photos!! thanks.


    1. Thank you ^^ yeah, apples and peaches go very well together. You can add some maple syrup or honey, you made me want to bake it again now haha


      1. HI Aho!! yep, some pies jus be to be made again and again– and around here it’s really pie season!

  6. Najlepsza na świecie


  7. […] served (as it’s often the case in Britain) with warm custard (autumn version, amazing with apple crumble), ice cream or cream (summer delight, crumbles with rhubarb, blackberries, peaches and gooseberries […]


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