18 Egg cutlets (kotlety jajeczne)


One of the nicest childhood memories: my mother’s egg cutlets, simple and tasty. and who said you have to give up on cutlets when you are a vegetarian? ^^


eggs (hard-boiled)
bread or bread rolls
spring onions
salt, pepper

1. Soak the bread rolls in milk. Image

2. Using a meat grinder, mince the eggs.Image

3.  When eggs are done, mince soaked bread rolls, squeeze them a little before mincing. Image

4. Place the minced eggs and bread rolls in a big bowl. And chopped spring onions, salt, pepper and two eggs (raw!). 


5. Stir to combine. If needed, add more pepper/salt or herbs you like. Image

6. Now, it’s time for forming the cutlet shape. Image

7. Prepare two plates. One for eggs and one for the breadcrumbs. We need to coat our cutlets. Crack an egg on a plate, beat and dip each cutlet to coat. Then, dip in breadcrumbs. 


8. When it’s done, heat some oil on the frying pan. 


9. Fry the cutlets in hot oil. 


10. Done! Serve with parsley or salad. Or with mashed potatoes and salad. Just the way you like it ^^ 



Enjoy! aho

  1. it just looks delicious… want to try it but what if I don’t have a grinder? A blender doesn’t give the same result…


  2. Wyszły rumiane i piękne


  3. Wow, I love your blog!! Your photos are great – these egg cutlets look amazing!


  4. Looks delicious…. Will try this soon.


  5. Pyszne, gdyby nie te jaja. Odkąd wyobraziłam sobie ich cykl rozwojowy i właściwe przenaczenie- rzadko je zjadam, a jeśli już to szybko i bez refleksji:)


  6. I love how your cutlets are vegetarian! Thanks for the recipe! I can’t wait to try it!! =)


  7. Welcome back! the egg cutlets look delicious!!!


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