tensai’s favourite: tatanka

Not that I am convincing you to drink, but if you like an occasional cocktail tatanka should definitely be on your list!


There is no midnight snack without alcohol.
Let me introduce, probably the most famous abroad, Polish alcohol (except pure vodka, of course). and, tensai’s favourite!

ŻUBRÓWKA, that’s how it’s called. in english: bison grass vodka.
it’s still vodka, which means it’s strong but it smells nice and tastes much more delicate than pure vodka. especially when you drink it mixed with apple juice which is called tatanka.

just one thing to remember:
mix of żubrówka and apple juice is called TATANKA. 
and that’s the best way to drink it! ^^

One great thing about żubrówka is that you can buy it almost everywhere. We’re buying it in Japan without any problems.



  1. I love this vodka … A Polish lady in Krakow airport recommended it to me. I had no idea of the name Tatanka. I will remember it now!


    1. hihi but i guess it can be useful only in poland. here in japan, nobody knows that you should drink zubrowka with apple juice, so you know ;)


      1. Yes I do … and I’m drinking it in Wales!

  2. Cudowny smak


  3. Ważne by sok był odpowiedniej jakości.


  4. niebiański smak…..


      1. ara! thank you! next time we’re drinking together ;)

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